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Dynascan M250

Tough terrains demand innovative mapping solutions.

The Dynascan M250 mobile mapping system provides laser-scanning solutions for projects in challenging land and marine environments.

Dynascan makes projects easier and more cost-effective to deliver


Dynascan M250 is a popular choice for customers looking for a medium accuracy (+/- 5 cm) long-range (250 m) system.

With its rugged design, portability, and speed of deployment, together with sophisticated software, Dynascan M250 enables customers to:

  • Reduce project timescales: Capture, process and deliver 3D mapping-grade point-cloud data quickly and precisely in order to increase productivity.
  • Complete complex projects safely: Use the vehicle-mounted laser scanner to access challenging land- or marine-based environments safely.
  • Cut operating costs: Investing in this low-cost, easy-to-install mobile mapping solution reduces the need for a large on-site survey crew.

Supporting planning and engineering teams

Our system has been designed and developed specifically for use in the most extreme environments and under the most challenging of conditions. The ability to harness otherwise difficult-to-access information means that with Dynascan M250 you can complete complex, innovative and therefore valuable projects.

Rugged build quality, and the ability to deploy the unit on board a wide range of land- and water-based vehicles in under an hour, means Dynascan M250 can be used to reach otherwise dangerous or inaccessible locations quickly. Together with the ability to acquire 36,000 points per second per laser, with a 360° field of view, Dynascan M250 helps you to reduce project timescales as operators can arrive on site and begin acquisition of point-cloud data immediately.

System overview

  • This single pod solution, includes a laser scanner, inertial measurement unit (IMU) and global positioning system (GPS) in one compact unit.
  • IP65 water and dust resistance.
  • A ruggedised laptop loaded with data acquisition software, a solid-state drive, bright screen technology and a security dongle to ensure secure use of data.
  • Fully portable vehicle-mounted deployment on all-terrain vehicles, vessels and small mobile platforms for access to challenging environments.
  • Remote diagnostics support available.
  • Training courses available on site or at one of Renishaw's facilities around the world.

Dynascan combines a number of state-of-the-art laser measurement technologies for the precise, long-range mapping of vast areas in extreme environments. These technologies include a scanning laser sensor with a 250 m range capability, an inertial measurement unit for position and orientation information, and a GPS system for georeference positioning.

M250 variants

There are two Dynascan M250 variants available: the single head and the dual head. Both are available either to purchase for a cost-effective solution for a long-term project or ongoing project work, or to hire for one-off ventures where robust performance in extreme conditions is required.

Single head

The lower-cost, lightweight and portable single-head model is suitable for use mounted on land vehicles or marine vessels for the fast, long-range collection of 3D point-cloud data in a 360° field of view. It can be used for quarry surveying, and for when high levels of accuracy are not required.

Dual head

The dual-head M250 features two laser heads mounted at 45°, enabling the capture of more points per second, giving more detail even at higher vehicle speeds. It is chosen by customers requiring higher levels of data coverage or wishing to complete surveys in shorter periods of time.

Training and support

We offer training and support through an experienced team of in-house surveyors, who deliver bespoke training at a location to suit you, either at one of our offices in the UK, US, Canada or Australia, or at your own offices.


  • Brochure:  Dynascan mobile mapping system Brochure: Dynascan mobile mapping system

    Renishaw’s Dynascan M250 mobile mapping system provides eye-safe, long-range laser-scanning solutions for use in a range of challenging land and marine environments. The vessel- or vehicle-mounted unit enables users to collect, edit and analyse geospatial point-cloud data quickly and accurately in order to plan and manage complex projects.

  • Data sheet:  Dynascan M250 Data sheet: Dynascan M250

    Detailed list of technical specifications and dimensions for Renishaw’s Dynascan M250 mobile 3D mapping system for land and marine applications

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