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Plastic and metal vacuum casting

Manufacturer and provider of professional plastics vacuum casting machines, services and consumables.

Supplying vacuum casting machines for small batch production and metal part casting service

Renishaw provide a full solution for vacuum casting of plastics with a range of machines, from manual to high capacity computer automated, for the economic production of short run, end use parts and prototypes - up to 50 parts from a single mould.

Vacuum casting is used by a range of industries including automotive, medical and scientific, creative and entertainment, and consumer products.

In addition, Renishaw supply a full range of resins to suit your application, please see our data sheets to find out more.

Find out how our vacuum casting systems work

  • Prodotti e processi per colate sotto vuoto [en]

    Renishaw offre una soluzione completa per colate sotto vuoto con una gamma di macchine, sia manuali che ad alta capacità computerizzate ed automatizzate, per la produzione economica di componenti finali in piccoli lotti e prototipi (fino a 50 pezzi da un singolo stampo).

Comprehensive range of materials and full metal part service

We advise on and offer a comprehensive range of resins which simulate the quality of thermoplastics, flexible and true high performance plastic resins including clear, ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), high temperature ABS and flame retardant plastic - UL94V0 and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) compliant.

Our expertise extends to a full metal part casting service using wax masters from our own machines.

Confidence in the reliability of our own machines, and the quality of product they produce is such that we manufacture short run production parts for other high quality engineering products in the Renishaw portfolio, for example Dynascan and Quarryman.

Renishaw's engineering expertise

Our vacuum casting machines are designed and built in-house, by Renishaw expert engineers. Time served experts with over 25 years of vacuum casting experience are on hand for advice on machines and material selection - all Renishaw products are fully supported by our wholly-owned network of over 70 offices in 32 countries.


Brochure:  Brochure:  Vacuum casting systemsBrochure: Vacuum casting systems

Renishaw vacuum casting systems are ideal for small batch production. A single silicon mould can be used up to 50 times before retooling is required.