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Raman Revealed training workshops

Realise the full potential of your inVia confocal Raman microscope

Gain a greater understanding of the powerful data processing and analysis techniques available in WiRE™ and how to apply them to your experiments.

The online Raman Revealed training course covers three days, where participants can familiarise themselves with Raman spectroscopy and the Renishaw inVia™ confocal Raman microscope hardware and software. The training course is divided into three levels; basic, intermediate, and advanced; to systematically introduce concepts, data collection and analysis. The training course also includes exercise examples to enable the participants to practice different analytical problems they may face. Participants are expected to virtually attend all three days.

The training course consists of live sessions and streamed recorded presentations. Streamed presentations from our Raman experts contain the subject content, examples, and exercises with the option to paused/rewind. The presentations ‘PDF' files and exercise files with descriptions are available to download for later use. Time for independent practice of exercises during the training course is included in sessions. Participants manage their own time during each session.

Live content consists of daily introductions and questions and answers through Microsoft® Teams. This will provide the opportunity to ask questions to the Renishaw applications team. The subject can be related to the streamed content, exercises, or customer specific analytical problems. Experienced members of the Renishaw applications team will be available throughout the training course through the Microsoft® Teams chat function.


Participants need to have a computer with online access. As a part of registration process to the training course the participants will be required to register their email to a Microsoft account and Microsoft Teams installed to take part in the course.

We recommend that participants also have access to the WiRE software during the training course for working on the exercises, however, this is not essential. Content is based around the WiRE 5.5 version, but software versions from WiRE 4 onwards will be suitable.

Participants don't specifically need access to the inVia system during the course.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The Raman Revealed training course is a group activity. We (Renishaw plc) are not sharing any information about participants. However, as part of the live sessions on Microsoft® Teams the participants and their names will be visible to others.

I had zero background in Raman and WiRE software. I now feel confident enough to navigate WiRE as well as set up the Raman instrument. Super useful. Great speakers.

Raman Revealed delegate, September 2018

The training sessions were very useful and I appreciate the time and effort all staff members gave. They explained themselves in a way which wasn't over complicated.

Thank you!

Raman Revealed delegate, October 2017


If you have any questions about these training workshops, please call Renishaw Spectroscopy Products Division on +44 (0) 1453 524524 or email or

This course does not include training on optical alignment or integrated techniques such as SEM-SCA or Raman-AFM. If you are an advanced user, or have specific training requirements, please email to discuss bespoke training.